This is a new project of Blauplanet.com. We want to present science to kids in a very simple and attractive way. Our objective is to explain basic concepts preferentially using images and animations. We want also to allow the free use of these animations for teaching or private use. Now, this site is in BETA release. Then, you can see only a small part of the Web and some options, as free download of animations, are not yet supported.

Educational videos

The concept behind Blauciencia is that science is the result of millions of experiments performed during years, it includes a vast accumulation of knowledge. However, each experiment, each small component of this knowledge is pretty simple. At the end, experiments must be designed to be a simple question to nature, as much simple as possible. So, science is voluminous, gigantic, inmense, but also reachable, accessible, and straightforward. Blauciencia treats to communicate this reality to people, and particularly to the new generations.

Blauscience Editorial Board

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